Where Your Ordinary Dog Can Become Extraordinary

Private In-Home Dog Training


Training should be fun!

- Keep training sessions short; three to five sessions of three to five minutes a day is fine.

- Focus on one new behavior per session.

- Keep an upbeat attitude when training.

- End each training session on a successful note.

- As each behavior is learned, incorporate it into your daily routine as often as possible.


A dog that knows the basic commands & teaching you how to stop and prevent unwanted behavior.



A well behaved and balanced dog that listens and walks nicely on leash.



Give your dog the freedom they desire with the control you need.


Off-Leash Pro

Total freedom and control in any situation. 


Home Security Training

Would you like a security system that actually works when you need it and not after the damage has been done? 

Then why not go with a K9 security system... 

They will always be there when you need them the most.

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Service dog Training

Off-leash obedience

Mobility assistance

Medical alert

and much more

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