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Private In-Home Dog Training


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Ares Playing at The Playground

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Luna Lirst Time In Public

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We have 10+ years experience in helping owners with behavior issues and obedience. 

We offer a one of a kind training experience, we come to your home train you and your dog . Not only do we come to your home we will also take you and your dog to pet friendly stores and parks.

So we can achieve reliable obedience in every place that your likely to visit with your dog.

We will teach you how to deal with those unwanted behaviors in the home along with outside.

We will show you how to have unparalleled obedience and respect from your dog while building a strong bond between the both of you.


A dog that knows the basic commands & teaching you how to stop and prevent unwanted behavior.



A well behaved and balanced dog that listens and walks nicely on leash.



Give your dog the freedom they desire with the control you need.


Off-Leash Pro

Total freedom and control in any situation. 


Home Security Training

Would you like a security system that actually works when you need it and not after the damage has been done? 

Then why not go with a K9 security system... 

They will always be there when you need them the most.

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Training should be fun!

- Keep training sessions short; three to five sessions of three to five minutes a day is fine.

- Focus on one new behavior per session.

- Keep an upbeat attitude when training.

- End each training session on a successful note.

- As each behavior is learned, incorporate it into your daily routine as often as possible.