Here at Bark Avenue K9 Academy, we believe in positive reinforcement and motivation.

Our training style is based on an understanding of canine psychology and the dog’s inherent need for boundaries. Once a dog understands his place in your “pack,” you will see dramatic changes in his behavior.

Bronze program:

The Bronze program will help build a better relationship between you and your K-9 companion. Are you tired of getting frustrated and wishing your dog would just listen to you? This program will put your K-9 companion on the right track. We will give you the tools and knowledge you need to have the relationship you desire.

With this program we will teach you the basics of K-9 psychology and show you how to solve mild behavioral issues. You will also learn basic obedience training with little to no distractions.


sit, come, lay, stay, and leave-it.


15ft leash, 4 videos to help you achieve your goal. 3 private in-home visits. 24/7 assistance during the 1-month program, from a highly educated & experienced private dog trainer. Lifetime support via phone and email.

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