Here at Bark Avenue K9 Academy, we believe in positive reinforcement and motivation.

Our training style is based on an understanding of canine psychology and the dog’s inherent need for boundaries. Once a dog understands his place in your “pack,” you will see dramatic changes in his behavior.

Do you have a dog that does some things you really wish they didn't do?

This Program is designed for those owners who just want their dog to stop misbehaving. Your dog will learn basic commands such as sit, lay & leave it along with dealing with the behavior problems.

We are able to help you with but not  limited to the following:

  • Jumping 
  • Barking
  • Digging 
  • Nipping 
  • People Aggression 
  • Dog Aggression 
  • Stealing food or objects 
  • Guarding objects 
  • And Much More

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