Where Your Ordinary Dog Can Become Extraordinary

Control your costs and bid your jobs more accurately for 

managing your fleet and repairs.



Our Off-Leash program will have your friends and family amazed that they are looking at the same dog.

You will learn how you can gain the obedience you really need from your dog. By the end of this program you will be able to have your dog off leash with total compliance from your dog. This program dives deep into K9 psychology and will solve most behavior problems. 


Sit, come, lay (competition style), stay, stand, leave-it, place, touch, competition heel, walk backward.


 15ft leash, as many videos & video chats as you need to help you achieve your goal. 9 private in-home visits. 

Life time support via phone and email. 2 free lessons to use within 1 year after training is complete.