Platinum Program: 

With our Platinum Program your dog will truly be EXTRAORDINARY! We will have your dog listening to you any and everywhere you go. Watch as your dog is transformed into the dog you could only dream of. Your dog will stay at your side wherever you go and in any situation, that you may find yourself in. Your dog will be the most confident dog around. We will show you how to have the strongest bond possible. You and your dog will act as a team wherever you are.


sit, come, lay (competition style), stay, leave-it, place, touch, competition heel, walk backward, walk between legs, bring objects, jump up on any object / platform.


Training equipment

unlimited videos & video chats to help you achieve your goal 

16 private in-home visits

24/7 assistance during the 6-month program

Life time support via phone, email and video 

 4 free lessons for future use within 2 years after training is complete

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