High Quality 550 Para-Cord Leashes with Belt Clip

  Welcome to the accessories page, we now have amazing handmade leashes all are made with 550 para-cord. Each leash has a clip at the base of the handle for easy connection to a belt or belt loop. This helps you keep your hands free thus eliminating the possibility of dropping the leash.

The 550 para-cord makes it very easy to grip so, no more having the leash slip from your hand leaving a rope burn. We have been using these leashes for about a year and a half, we simply love them and want to share them with everyone. 

These leashes will hold up to the test of time we have put these leashes to the toughest tests. Having them in water, dirt, sand, snow, extreme heat and freezing temps never having any problems with the claps or the leash wearing down.

We will have more product information posted soon.  

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