Our Beginners Program is for puppies who are 5 months or younger.

Imagine a lifetime of great experiences with your dog, it starts here and now while they are young. Gaining respect from your dog at a young age is the most important thing you can do as a dog owner and we show you exactly how to do that with this program.

Your dog will learn commands such as sit, come, stay, lay down and leave-it.

We offer you the opportunity to have a wonderful start for your life with your puppy, we will show you how to have the best relationship possible. You will learn all about how a dog thinks and why they do the things they do. We will also show you how to stop any bad behaviors from developing.

Our Beginners Program has 3 private in-home sessions that are packed with information about k9 psychology. We will show you how to have the best possible relationship that will last a lifetime. Imagine what it would be like if you just took 30 days to secure a lifelong stable dog.

The future with your dog would be something like this, your dog will be happy and outgoing they would respect your space and understand that you are in control. When you have a dog that respects you and feels confident you are in control they can relax and enjoy life. In return you will enjoy life so much more then if you did not take the initial step of creating a strong relationship.


Sit, come, lay, stay, and leave-it


15ft leash, 3 private in-home visits

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