Heather & Luna 1st Time Working Together

This is a short video of a session we did during an event. Heather knows Luna but has never done anything like this with a dog so she is unsure of the commands.

Take notice of the obedience in the dog no need to jerk or pull the dog to have her release. 

Your dog will never have to be forced off of a person they are sent to engage. 

If your dog is sent to engage then recalled they will return you immediately. 

100% Protection 100% Of The Time

In this program your dog will learn:

• To be social with family and friends but suspicious of strangers

• To threaten on command

• To cease aggression on command

• To alert and engage while in the house as well as in the car, outdoors or on a leash.

• To search the house, car and property for intruders on command

• Patrol buildings

• Patrol and track both inside and outside 

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