Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to walk you dog and not have an issue with pulling or lunging on the leash to get the squirrel?

Not only will you get that, but you will also have a dog that will listen to you! We will show you how to create a harmonious bond that will change the way your dog views you. Your dog will get a major confidence boost and will start to relax in situations where they are usually anxious, fearful or aggressive.

If your dog is hyper and destructive we will show you how to harness that energy into something positive and useful. We will show you how to have reliable obedience in the home as well as out side during walks visits to the park etc.…

Everything here is done while on-leash while creating a great foundation for Off-Leash obedience. Commands your dog will learn: sit, extended sit, stay, extended stay, down, extended down, leave-it and come. Under distraction. 


Sit, extended sit, extended stay, stay, down, extended down, leave-it and come. Under distractions


15ft leash, 6 private in-home visits

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