Imagine being able to take your dog anywhere around anything or anyone off-leash, while maintaining 100% control 100% of the time. No more worrying about if you brought the leash, no more going for a hike and yelling for 30 minutes for your dog to come back, because they are chasing a scent or worse a deer. You will be able to go check the mail with your dog and not worry if their going to run in the road.

All of that is great you will be able to have a more enjoyable time but what does your dog get? That’s what a lot of us really care about right…

Your dog will have FREEDOM!!!

 We all want our dogs to have a good time run around sniff things and just be a dog. We can’t always do that though because we can’t rely on our dogs to come 100% of the time. Which can be a huge safety concern for our loved one and for others we can ensure the safety of your dog and others.

The biggest benefit you will get from this program is the peace of mind that your dog will listen even if they are ½ mile away. You will also get to smile as your dog actually gets to be themselves run and play like a dog is meant to. 


Sit, extended sit, extended stay, stay, down, extended down and leave-it all off-leash and with 100% reliability.


 15ft leash, 11 private in-home visits & more!

Full support via phone, text, email, video chat & LIFETIME SUPPORT. 

If you experience an issue 5 years down the road give us call and we will come out to help you address the issue for free.

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