Off-Leash Pro

Our Off-Leash Pro program is one of a kind what we do here is a mix of In-home training along with 2 weeks of board and train. On property we have plenty of distractions such as ducks, goats, pigs, chickens, cats and of course other dogs.

Unlike most board and train programs we also do 4 in-home visits. We will do one in-home session before the board and train here we will go over some basics. We will also be going into detail about the training that will take place during the board and train. You will also receive videos of the training.

Then after 2 weeks your dog will be brought to your home where we will have our second session. During this time, you will be shown everything that has been done we will also be going over how you will need to maintain the training.

Your dog will be the best dog you could ever imagine the best part is your dog will also gain confidence. We train so that even fearful dogs come out happy and upbeat.


sit, come, lay, stay, leave-it, place, touch, all with extended duration and at a distance, competition heel, bring objects, along with other skills that you would find useful 


 15ft leash, 4 private in-home visits 3 weeks B&T & more!


If you experience an issue 5 years down the road give us call and we will come out to help you address the issue for free.

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